Our Campaign Slogan & Raymond's Letter to You

"Nothing About Us Without Us"

This is a direct call to action for everyone to get involved-not just a chosen few. It's best to communicate the ideas that no policy should be decided by any representative without the full and direct support of community members affected by that policy.

West Denver,

I am excited and honored to throw my hat in the ring and officially announce my candidacy for Denver City Council, District 3. Living on the West-side of Denver has been an incredible blessing. I have met so many hardworking, generous, and smart people within our district who have welcomed me into their community. I have heard from some of you about what you have seen improved throughout West Denver as well as the concerns and suggestions you have that will make our neighborhood even better. I am committed to hearing you and will fight for the greater good of our neighborhood and city. It will be a privilege to serve you, and our community on Denver's City Council and I look forward to fairly representing the remarkable and diligent people of District 3 as well as all of Denver.

One of the most essential and primary roles as a City Council representative is to be an advocate for the people. If I am honored with being elected to serve you in May 2019 on the council, I will be the exceptional and robust voice we need. There have been numerous issues that are not only the forefront of our lives today but will continue to be throughout the days, months and years ahead. Some of the critical issues such as affordable housing, infrastructure, and public safety will continue to arise before council, and I am prepared to work with you, our city partners, and other members of City Council to ensure the progressive growth to our community every day. We also must continue to strengthen our economy by providing decent jobs with wages that will ensure a quality of life that is respectable.

Our council members are a vital and active communications link between the people and the city. I have the skill set that will bring people together toward a common goal by listening and working with my constituent's in unity for the better good of our city. That is why our campaign motto echoes togetherness, "Nothing About Us Without Us"  meaning we cannot make definite strides without considering everyone. 

I believe in our community and live by our Colorado values and what we stand for. I consider serving on City Council not as politics, but as public service that will strengthen our district and make our magnificent city an even better place to live, work, and play!

Thank you for making West Denver the best this city has to offer. Our culture, diversity, hard work and welcoming hospitality is unwavering. I want to personally thank you for taking the time to consider me as your next representative.

In Solidarity,

Raymond Montoya