Issues Facing Denver


Housing continues to be a major issue for so many Denverites as the cost of living is on the rise. It is imperative that Denver builds housing that is actually affordable in order to secure the future for young families and seniors. With so much development in our backyards the people must have a voice in the change that is taking place, and as your next representative I am dedicated to listening to your voice and working collectively with members of the community. 

 In order to prevent further displacement, the city of Denver must be well prepared for any projects or investments being made in neighborhoods facing gentrification as well as implementing strong policies to keep families in their homes.   


Approaching community issues and concerns with compassion and an open mind is the key to progress which is ever so true with the sensitive issue of homelessness in our city. Permanent housing solutions is the answer, it is the 'how' that remains the question. In late 2017 a Social Impact Bond was rolled out to assist with permanently housing homeless individuals and families. According to a report filed, the first year has been a success as more than 200 people who were experiencing homelessness have been permanently placed in housing. However, more must be done. The city must diligently work on creating more programs and resources with community organizations similar to what made the SIB successful. I will look into the cities urban camping ban to find better solutions with council colleagues in assisting this community.

Our Future

Supporting and educating our youth from a very early stage is vital to creating a healthy quality of life. As I work for a school district I see first hand the impact we have on their growth and self-esteem. The education programs and schools throughout Denver, the community leaders, educators, and parents must stay vigilant to servicing our young stars. I will work directly with our youth in hearing their suggestions and ideas that will make the city they call home even better. Implementing the ideas of our teens and not pushing them aside will ensure a more productive community. By having one on one interaction with our young people will only build stronger relationships in their communities. I say lets revisit our current programs and create even better educational and productive programs that will benefit these kids for a better tomorrow. 


The cities infrastructure is a challenge that has really affected District 3 as well as our entire city. With an influx of people moving to our beautiful city, Investments must be made to West Denver and those who live in here. This means that the cities contracts must benefit those who live in the city. Preference must be given to local businesses that will offer quality jobs to the Denver residents. 

Maintaining and/or cleaning up our current parks and community areas will take priority before building new. We have some magnificent spaces that just need a little TLC.

With the overwhelming passing of the cities GO BONDS, I look forward to the fixing of many needed sidewalks, bridges, and bike lanes throughout West Denver. The safety of Denverites is my top priority and will fight to make sure the areas deemed highly dangerous for our pedestrians will be addressed first.

Police & Community Relationships

Law enforcement and community relationships continue to be a significant challenge in our neighborhoods. My fellow neighbors and myself rely on our police officers for protection and service in the highest regard and our women and men in blue should have our respect and gratitude for their duty. There is so much that can be accomplished if everyone worked for the better good. I also understand this is a two-way street in which we must have trust and respect established in both our police officers and residents. I will be at the forefront in holding those accountable who diminish the law or their disregard for it. 

Inclusive Denver

It goes without saying that the culture and diversity of Denver is what makes our city so great. Being knowledgeable in our role will further our city in a progressive way. While racism unfortunately is more present in recent days, as your representative I will stand up to those who deface our Colorado values. Our city welcomes people from all walks of life and I am committed to fighting for the end of discrimination and oppression because allowing such disgrace within our city only brings the value down, and that is unacceptable. We are a city who prides itself on love, diversity, and acceptance and I am proud to call Denver home.